Stone Wall Installation NJ

Stone Wall Installation NJ

MCE Masonry & Landscaping offers stone wall installation in NJ.  We are located in Morristown, and our masonry contractors can handle any type of stone or retaining wall installation.

Adding a stone wall to your property is a great option if you want to add a decorative element to your exterior or if your property needs some extra protection from the elements. It’s also something you can do if your property sits on a hill and the surface is not flat.

MCE Masonry & Landscaping has been carefully constructing, designing and building stone walls from a variety of stone types and materials for over 20 years. Please contact us today to learn more and to receive a free custom quote for your next project!

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Keystone Walls

Keystone walls are made of low-absorption concrete and non-corrosive material in the shape of blocks. These blocks are interlocked together with fiberglass pins. This results in strength and longevity. There is a wide range of blocks shapes, sizes, textures, and colors available to choose from; therefore, the design options are countless. Regardless of the easy installation process, the keystone walls must have a solid base, a good backfill, and proper drainage capabilities. If you seek a permanent keystone wall, the lifespan is generally between 50 to 100 years. MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC is backed by a team of professionals to construct the keystone walls at your place, ensuring it looks beautiful and complement overall home architecture. 

Custom Stone Walls

Natural stone is the sturdiest material to use in the construction industry so far. It can easily withstand climatic conditions and damages by day-to-day activities. The stone walls can be used as boundaries, as a hedge, to frame a lawn, to construct a dry-stone wall, or add a touch of rustic character to any space in your home. They are a low-cost, low-maintenance, and beautiful addition to your home. At MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC, we provide stone wall construction services at a low cost. You can directly speak to us regarding your landscape with specific needs. 

Pavers & Natural Stone

Paver are a popular landscape enhancement. They are a great option to upgrade your outdoor space and make it look aesthetically more beautiful. Pavers are usually made of natural stone, concrete, or brick. They are long-lasting, adapt to climatic conditions, and are low maintenance. Pavers are not prone to crack as they are sturdy and durable. Contact MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC for more information on stone wall installation or pavers.

Bluestone Installation

Bluestone is a commonly used material in the construction industry. It is durable, attractive, and ideal for the pool decks, entryways, stone steps, and patio. Bluestone can withstand all weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Remember, bluestone is a natural material, so even the uniform sizes also have imperfections. These imperfections make the landscape even more beautiful when used correctly. MCE Masonry & Landscaping, LLC provides and installs bluestone and makes your landscape looks awe-inspiring. Hence, team up with our specialists and make your landscape looks stunning with bluestone entryways, stone steps, etc. 

Quality Stone Wall Installation In New Jersey

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MCE Masonry & Landscaping always uses the highest quality materials for stone wall installation.

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We can customize your stone wall and make it exactly like you want it to be!

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